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About us

We are a Sydney based family owned business.
How did we start?
These days more people have certain allergies and food intolerances. The food we eat, the water we drink, the whole environment we live has gradually changed our human genes. Since I have found out my older girl has got eczema, I started to search for the safer products and avoid nasty additives and harmful chemicals around us. That is when I started to sell Thermos stainless steel drink bottles for children and adults.
When I source the quality products all over the world, it is also the learning procedure to myself. The more I have learned, the more I have realized how many toxic chemicals we are exposed to every day if we don’t have the knowledge to avoid. And how much damage we, human have done to the environment.  Some people may say “I am healthy. I have got the good immune system.” But sometimes the impact of toxic chemicals will not show off straightaway on you. It may be passed down to your generations through you while you are still healthy. Everyone will die one day. We come to this world with empty hands and leave this world with empty hands. But what do you want to leave for this world? The every bit you do to our environment counts.
Our mission
Introducing the quality products to you is one of my jobs. But also hope to raise the awareness about toxic chemicals in our every day life and how to avoid them. And how to protect our environment.  In order to share the knowledge I have got, I have set up a Learning Area under Information section.  Please welcome any question and feedback to
Thank you

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